Sniffing Glue


SNIFFING GLUE started in 2006 to waste your and your friends with early 80ies styled hardcorepunk.
After playing some covers, the first songs were written and a demo was released. That’s how it all began…
In the meantime these we did an LP (We are Sniffing Glue…Fuck You, 2007) , two 7inches (Suburban Suicide, Suburban Violence E.P., 2007 / Split w/ PRESS GANG, 2008), a 12inch LP (I’m not allright, 2008) and toured a lot, basically in Germany and some shows in the Benelux Countries & France. In the end of 2011, is was time for a new LP, with some fresh material that you’ll doubtlessly identify as SNIFFING GLUE, even though there’s a wider range of sounds and songwriting than before. It is selftitled and we released it on our own diy label SEARCH FOR FAME REC., as we also did with the 7inches before (check out our other releases!!!). In Autumn 2014 we recorded a 12inch called Cold Times e.p., be prepared. It will be released on Plastic Bomb Records and amplify the snotty trend we did on our last LP.
But as you read this kind of shit everywhere, just come along to one of our shows and get your ass kicked by punk.
Also feel free to write us if you want to do a show in your town or your living room…

Sniffing Glue Cold Times 2014

SNIFFING GLUE are (f.l.t.r)Julian/Guitar | Andi/Bass | Fanta/Drums | Marcel/Voice

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